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   raising of street lamp for placing of tire

raising of street lamp for placing of tire

B 52 On November 27, 1996, Andreas Slominski placed a bicycle tire over the pole of a normal streetlight on the Adenauerallee, in Münster, Germany. However, he didn't take the easy way out. He didn't imitate the usual children's game of throwing the tire over the top of the pole. Instead, he had construction workers lift the streetlight out of the cement; he then placed the tire around the pole from underneath, and then had the construction workers replace the lamp back in the pavement. The tire was then later stolen.

Feriba, a young Afghan girl, refugee in Pakistan- Playing the game remains unpredictable to the end. (A. Slominski)



Heavy bombers obliterated the village of Khan Aqa in Kapisa province | Raising of Street Lamp for Placing of Tire: portefolio | ~ | Skulptur. Projekte in Münster: Andreas Slominski | ~ | Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin: Andreas Slominski |


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- consisting of two Irish green, empty tents, one raised outside Atelier 35 in Bucharest, and one inside the gallery space ...

- containing, among other things, a motorway, ten tents, a text discussion and an internet diary ...


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