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the nothing of April 2002
   the possibility of a right not to be born

fetal facethe French parliament agreed, in January 2002, to pass a bill that states that "no one can sue for damages for the sole fact of their birth". the extraordinary bill was a response to a conviction by the French supreme court that is said to have established the right not to be born. in November 2000 a teenager were awarded compensation for being born with severe damages. the doctors had failed to diagnose his mother's rubella while he resided in her mother's womb. the conviction was based on his mothers' testimony that she would have aborted if she had been properly diagnosed.

the capacity of prenatal diagnosis is believed to increase rapidly in times to come. mothers will become more aware of the future sufferings of their children and have to carry the accompanying burden of responsibility. children will know their mothers had the choice and have to carry the accompanying burden of acceptance. the public verdict in France can be seen as a response to the presence of the new diagnostic tools.



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