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   Martin Creed: Work No. 79

Some Blu-Tack kneaded, rolled into a ball, and depressed against a wall

Work No. 79: Some Blu-Tack kneaded, rolled into a ball, and depressed against a wall 1993 Blu-Tack, approx. 1cm in diameter © Martin CreedMartin Creed on his Blu-Tack-piece:
- I have nothing in particular to say.
- I find it a lot easier if it [the work] negates itself at the same time as pushing itself forward--so there's an equal positive and negative which adds up to nothing, but at the same time is something too.
- I find that it's difficult to choose, to decide that one thing's more important than the other. So what I try and do is to choose without having to make decisions.

Martin Creed on his "Work No. 79: Some Blu-Tack kneaded, rolled into a ball, and depressed against a wall" (1993, Blu-Tack, approx. 1cm in diameter):
- I were taken with the idea of using the sticky substance, but had nothing to actually put up with it - so I just displayed the Blu-Tack.
- I wanted to mount something on a wall but he couldn't decide what to mount.

Work No. 232: the whole world + the work = the whole world © Martin CreedAn attempt is made. Nothing more. Or is it? Is the kneading sculpting? Is the thumb-print the signature? Why add anything? Creeds Blu-Tack is empty, but that emptiness is also an opening, a free space ready to be lived and filled with hopes. At the same time the work is leaving the viewer with eternal questions. 'What can I do?' 'How can I contribute to the world?' These double questions are also present in Creeds neon text piece; "Work No. 232: the whole world + the work = the whole world". The world is constantly growing. It is dynamic. It is open for contributions. At the same time it is consuming every contribution. Martin Creeds minimal art carries a surprising emotional charge. Why not add something?

Work No. 299: Self-portrait smiling 2003, Photograph; 90cm wide © Martin CreedMartin Creed was born in 1968 and from 1986-90 he attended the Slade School of Art in London. Lives and works in Alicudi. In 1993 his "Work No. 81, a one inch cube of masking tape in the middle of every wall in a building" was installed in the offices of the London firm, Starkmann Ltd.



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- consisting of two Irish green, empty tents, one raised outside Atelier 35 in Bucharest, and one inside the gallery space ...

- containing, among other things, a motorway, ten tents, a text discussion and an internet diary ...


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