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the Ø of September 2001
   the hyper-metaphor; UK, raising tents

UK,Raising Tents the hyper-metaphor, UK, raising tents, was completed during the course of three weeks in October 2000. first one, then three, and finally ten identical Irish green tents were set up along an approximately one kilometer stretch on the Airport Road, the southern highway into Bergen, Norway. shortly thereafter, on the same stretch of road, work began to expand the road to a four-lane highway.

the second part of the hyper-metaphor was a catalogue text in which the discussion (description or presentation) had the form of an alphabetical listing of over 100 words and concepts. Each of these words could have pointed out an actualization, direction or concept of the hyper-metaphor.

Web Diarythe third part consisted of a web diary in which all of the catalog words were further reopened or explained with between 3 and 60,000 references. this was due to the fact that the words were made searchable through the internet medium

here you will find a map of the site, the web diary with a searchable catalogue text in the right-hand column, along with a series of pictures taken towards the south and towards the north -- all from the same location and at regular intervals.

foreningen av ingenting -  association of nothing
foreningen av ingenting -  association of nothing
foreningen av ingenting -  association of nothing

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