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the Ø of December 2001
   terror and the response on terror; World Trade Center - Afghanistan and on ...

Falling from the WTCthe active nothing of terror and war on terror include change in legislation and bombs. we will in the following focus on these issues through selected quotes and links. below you will also find links to a wide range of different sources of background information and news on the war.


(I) on the new anti-terrorism legislation:

the American Civil Liberties Union today strongly urged Congress to act to ensure that the war against terrorism not become a war against democracy. (American Civil Liberties Union)

"this is one of the most troubling pieces of legislation ever, both from the perspective of international law and a human rights perspective," (international human rights lawyer Philippe Sands, BBC)

most Americans broadly endorse steps taken by the Bush administration to investigate and prosecute suspected terrorists and express little concern that these measures may violate the rights of U.S. citizens or others caught up in the ongoing probes ... the survey also suggests that Americans would support broadening the shooting war on terrorism to include Iraq ... (Washington Post)

al Qaeda link seen in only a handful of 1,200 detainees (The New York Times)

"whether we take on Iraq has huge implications for the US role in the world, and fundamentally, it's whether we're going to take it upon ourselves to
shape a new world order."
(William Kristol, the Weekly Standard, BBC)


(II) bombs and reactions to bombs:

the official count stood at 3,646 on Friday, which includes people on the ground and those aboard the two hijacked planes that hit the twin towers Sept. 11. ... in addition to the dead and missing in New York, 189 people died in Arlington 125 in the Pentagon and 64 people on the plane that crashed into it and 44 people on a plane that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, bringing the total to 3,879. (Washington Post)

George Bush"and the world has come together to fight a new and different war, the first, and we hope the only one, of the 21st century." (G. Bush)

"those who refer our tragedies today to the United Nations for solutions are hypocrites who are deceiving God, his prophet and the believers ... today, without any evidence, the United Nations is pedaling resolutions in support of America, the oppressive despotic tyrannical [country] against the weak who have just emerged from a massive war [waged] by the Soviet Union." (bin Laden, al-Jazeera/Newsmax)

the United Nations World Food Programme has said the number of people in need of aid in the region has risen dramatically and could reach up to two million by December. (BBC)

"He said that Americans by their former policy produced the Sept. 11 events, and their continuation of the former policy with the addition of new hostility against Afghanistan will increase events like these," (Abu Hafs, al-Qaeda, al-Jazeera/Newsmax)

the Bush doctrine maxim is: "To every action there should be an unequal and disproportionate reaction." Its success or failure hinges not on the moral value of its execution nor the long-term consequences of its application but on its ability to produce military results. ... The Bush doctrine is being evoked as a template for conflict resolution worldwide. ... But apply it to any other conflict and its faults are immediately apparent. (Gary Younge, The Guardian)

Holding a picture of bin Laden(PHOTO C BBC)Osama Bin Laden is now acquiring a personality cult in Bangladesh and children sing his praises. ... The protesters say that it is America and Britain who are the terrorists because they have bombed and killed Muslims in Afghanistan. (BBC)

"Osama Bin Laden is a man whom you would like. [He's] a very nice man, very polite, never raises his voice, never argues, ... [T]wo thirds of Bin Laden's followers are inside Saudi Arabia. So two thirds of Al-Qaeda are still there and active," (The Saudi journalist Jamal Al-Khashoggi, BBC)


news and background: (France/United Front)

Afghan Daily (World News Network, US)

Afghanistan Online

Afghanistan News (UK/Pakistan, Pro-Taliban) (Link broken, Nov 04)

American Civil Liberties Union (US) (UK, Pro-Taliban) (Link broken, Sept 04)

BBC - war on terror (UK)

CNN - war against terror (US)

Dawn (Pakistan)

Eldis on Afghanistan (Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK)

Foreign Policy in Focus

The Guardian (UK)

Human Rights Watch - Afghanistan (US)

IRNA (Iran)

News Network International (Pakistan/Pro-Taliban)

NEWSMAX (news from al-Jazeera and other mideast sources)

Omaid Weekly (United Front)

New York Times - a nation challenged (US)

Payam-e-Mujahid (Afghanistan) (Link broken, Sept 04) (Pro-Taliban) (Link broken, Sept 04) on terrorism, on Afghanistan (US)

Plane and World Trade CenterTerrorism Research Center (US)

United Nations acts against terrorism (US)

US Department of State (Canada) (Link broken, Sept 04)

Wahington Post - America at war (US)

Die Welt - Kampf dem Terror (Germany)

Z-net (US)


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