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   being stateless

24 year old Ganga Neupane is stateless

Ill. photoLike several million persons worldwide Ganga Neupane has no citizenship. Being stateless often means not having regular citizenship rights, like the rights to paid employment, receiving healthcare, attending public and privat schools and owning property. Furthermore a stateless person will not have a regular passport making traveling difficult, if not impossible.

Ganga Neupane is one of nearly 100,000 Bhutanese refugees living in camps in southeast Nepal. She became stateless 13 year old, as she together with tens of thousands of the mainly Nepali-speaking Hindu people in southern Bhutan - who had no proof of identity - were forced to flee Bhutan. The Bhutanese refugee situation has become one of the most protracted and neglected refugee crises in the world.

"Once you have fallen into being a stateless person you can see no way out."
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Stateless persons are found all over the world. Israel regarded those Palestinians who remained within its 1948 borders as residents but not citizens. Only in the early 1980s did they all gain citizenship. When Jordan annexed the WestBank in the early 1950s it adopted similar policies. As a result, the remainder of the Palestinian population of former Palestine were doomed to live as stateless refugee holders of Travel Documents issued by the Arab host countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Iraq. This is the situation of those resident in the West Bank and Gaza. Today more than half of the estimated total population of eight million Palestinians are refugees and stateless. Furheremore the Palestinians are excluded from the international protection regime for refugees and stateless persons because their displacement predates the creation of UNHCR. In Latvia stateless persons are referred to as "aliens" by the authorities. The country's 340,000 Russian non-citizens -- along with over 100,000 Belarussians and Ukrainians -- cannot vote in elections, become civil servants, lawyers or army officers or hold a full Latvian passport.

In some cases also the children of a stateless person will be denied birth certicicates, citizenship and therefore also school and medical care. According to Human Rights Watch this is the case for the children of longtime Bidun residents of Kuwait and for Rohingian refugees in Malaysia.



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