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'the phenomenon of nothing may be articulated in terms of cosmology, theology, philosophy or poetry - and as social critique'

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nothing in fine art ... artists focuses on transforming, changing and creating. they celebrate that which is in-between, that which is different, fake, alternative, new and avantgarde. in more or less playful ways they negotiate nothingness and the unknown ...
~ more on artists, nothing and the avantgarde

nothing in philosophy ... to be anything (or anybody) is to be bounded, hemmed in, defined, and separated by a circumambient frame of vacuity, ...
~ more on death, angst and to not - in philosophy

nothing in science ... physicists now believe that everything in our universe - every speck of matter and every active force - arose from the nothingness of empty space ...
~ more on the vacuum of natural science

nothing in medieval times ... nothing was hated, even feared, by the ancient Greek philosophers and medieval Christian theologians alike, and for much of our history, the mere possibility of nothing was strenuously denied. ...
~ more on the medieval antipathy to nothing

nothing in Buddhism and Hinduism ... hinduism has embedded within it, a complex philosophy of nothingness, seeing everything in the world as arising from the pregnant void, known as Sunya. ...
~ more on the pregnant nothing of non-western thought

nothing in mathematics ... all those zeros at the bottoms of merchants' ledgers--each signifying a perfect balance of credits and debits--served to impart to zero the status of a true number; a status that was further enhanced by the introduction of negative numbers. ...
~ more on the zero of mathematics


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foreningen av ingenting -  association of nothing
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