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- Comics as memorial? -

Camouflage ComicsCAMOUFLAGE COMICS is a new website exploring the history of the Dirty War, the military dictatorship that governed Argentina between 1976 and 1983, renowned for killing or "disappearing" tens of thousands of civilians.

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The Atlas Group : “Missing Lebanese Wars” (Detail)HOW CAN WE OBSERVE THE ROLE UNCERTAINTY PLAY IN HISTORY? Where do we look? How do we look? According to The Atlas Group one way to go could be to study photographs of horse-race finishes ...
"Hood" July 5, 1957, Operation Plumbbob, Nevada Test Site, Area 9aTHE BOMB PROJECT is an impressive on-line archive of nuclear-related links. In addition to images and information resources, government and non-gevernment sites, it makes accessible declassified files produced by the nuclear industry itself.
The Big NothingAREA 51 is America's most popular "secret base." This non-place is not shown on maps and until this day the US Air Force has refused to acknowledge its existence. The artist and experimental geographer Trevor Paglen examines this kind of nowhere-places through the fragmented documents that restricted landscapes exude.
The Big NothingTHE BIG NOTHING - 36 museums, galleries, science centers and performing arts groups in Philadelphia, US, is this summer addressing ideas of nothing, nothingness, and negation!
Bruno Latour: Invisible CityTHE DESIRE FOR A TOTALIZING VIEW of our world is omnipresent. But, according to Bruno Latour's webbased work Paris: Invisible City, such attempts at complete cartographic indexes on the contrary might hinder vision.
GuantanamoGUANTANAMO: A LEGAL BLACK HOLE - The Guantanamo prison camp is a territory beyond the reach of any law and outside the jurisdiction of any court.
Work No. 79: Some Blu-Tack kneaded, rolled into a ball, and depressed against a wall 1993 Blu-Tack, approx. 1cm in diameter © Martin CreedMARTIN CREED: WORK NO. 79: 'SOME BLU-TACK KNEADED, ROLLED INTO A BALL, AND DEPRESSED AGAINST A WALL
Issak Kiflu.  Photo: Trond ThorbjørnsenVACUUM TO NORWAY! Issak Kiflu has been living in Norway for ten years, but formally he does not exist.
Heidi RødstølLOST CHAIR - by Heidi Rødstøl.
Installation in living room, paint on carpet, variable dimensions, 2003.
Being Stateless24 YEAR OLD GANGA NEUPANE IS STATELESS Like several million persons worldwide Ganga Neupane has no citizenship. Being stateless means not having regular citizenship rights.
Placing of Tire RAISING OF STREET LAMP FOR PLACING OF TIRE - On November 27, 1996, Andreas Slominski upr ooted a lamppost in order to place an abandoned tire around it. The tire was then later stolen.
feature PENTAGON HAS STOPPED ALL REFERENCE TO "NUMBER KILLED" in official releases. The preferred word "casualties" conceals responsibility and makes moral questions into non-issues. Moreover the number of casualties is a non-subject in the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
feature BUY NOTHING DAY - exposes the environmental and ethical consequences of consumerism. ...
feature CREATION OF ANTIMATTER - CERN have announced that they have passed through nature's looking glass and created atoms made of antimatter, or anti-atoms ...
feature REFUGEES ARE NON-PERSONS - taking photographs that could "humanise or personalise" asylum seekers has been banned by former defense minister Peter Reith's office in Australia ...
feature WHAT IS - WHAT IS NOT? - a story about an encounter and about trying to differ between fact and non-fact ...
feature THE RIGHT NOT TO BE BORN - the French parliament has passed a bill that states that "nobody can claim to have been harmed simply by being born". the extraordinary bill was a response to a conviction by the French supreme court that is said to have established the right not to be born ...
feature THE 11,202,803 CHILDREN - who were born out of nothing during the 31 days of Mars 2002 ...
feature NOTHING I KNOW / SOMETHING I DONíT KNOW - by Graham Gussin ...
feature THE NOTHING OF TERROR AND RESPONS ON TERROR - the World Trade Center - Afghanistan and on ...

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